Robust App and Software Development


Wireframe & design every screen for your project.


Build, test & debug in preperation for launch


Position your project to grow and prosper.


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Create a step by step process of what every button on the application does.


Build and approve the color scheme and look of the application.


Code application functions to correspond with the design.


Submit application to the App store and/or Google Play.


Multiple Plaftforms

Windows, Mac, web and mobile software solutions.

Reporting & Analytics

Understand your business and exactly how it runs by collecting data on every element of your software.


Access and input data safely, locally or on the go.


Beautiful Design

Websites have to go beyond words and pictures, your website needs to tell the story of your company.

Responsive Websites

websites are designed to be web and mobile friendly on all the major browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer & Opera.


In order to be successful with online sales you need to have a beautiful website design, with a convenient layout and a robust shopping cart.











About Us


In a world where being online and active has become a necessity, Inspiring Experience provides a variety of quality online services to companies of all sizes. Our goal is to help businesses meet today’s challenges and attain their full potential through measured strategies by incorporating our technology and expertise into their day to day activities.


In an attempt to level the playing field between companies of all sizes, Inspiring Experience aims to allow consumers to build the resources they need quickly and affordably. Our goal is a better competitive market from which every consumer would benefit.

About Us

Inspiring Experience is a well established development company working with individual dreams and businesses of all sizes. Our mission is to give each individual and/or business the same resources and tools that larger companies enjoy. All of our efforts and services are geared towards growing our client’s business. We help our customers cut costs with our various consultation programs. We also help customers grow their business with our web, mobile application and social media initiatives. As a company we take pride in the fantastic customer service that we provide. Our first and most important initiative is customer satisfaction; we spare no resource to make sure that our customers needs are met within an adequate time frame. All customer inquiries are returned within 24 hours. Inspiring Experience is targeted towards startups and growing businesses, it is in our DNA to offer affordable services. We have built an efficient company that allows us to provide our customers with world class customer service and a great product at an affordable rate.


There are many factors that go into determining how long an application will take to develop. The amount of screens and functionality are usually the biggest deciding factors and those can vary greatly. On average an app takes 3 - 4 months to complete.
Not much, apps are a form of software. At Novocan we label software as a cross platform system that assists you in completing or creating a task. A CRM system or a dispatch system for example is software, however Uber or Whatsapp is an application.
73% of all Americans check online before making any decisions. The typical consumer goes on the internet to read reviews, compare services on websites and check social media networks before making a purchase. Most families go online before choosing a doctor, hiring a lawyer or an accountant. The internet is the driving force behind all businesses big and small, for this reason it is crucial to have an online presence to ensure business success.
It’s not enough to just have a website or a Facebook page. Your online presence needs to be visible; in order to satisfy the existing customer base and to attract new customers, your online marketplace needs to be easily accessible. Since nearly 90% of all American homes have a working internet connection, a visible online presence is the most efficient way to advertise your business to potential customers. Having a well optimized website gives your customers easy access to all the wonderful products and services you offer.

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